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Our goal is to bring back the great artists to the pleasure of the performance of the best classical authors in very prestigious venues. All that with the guarantee and the pleasure of a totally analog recording, from microphones to your recorder. Stereo mixing in real time, mechanical editing, tapes mastering and finally your incredible master tapes distribution!

For our masters we only use SM900 tapes from Recording the Master!

The best advertisement are the comments of those who listen to our tapes , read feedback from our customers ... (more...)

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G. B. Pergolesi
Fedrico Ferri
Accademia degli Astrusi

One reel ¼'' 10'' CCIR 320nWb
In stock, ship in one month

   ... a perfect cohesion between poetry and music, which reaches, as it was written "the last beauty" ...

Giovanni Battista Pergolesi
Stabat Mater
      04:27   Stabat Mater
      02:09   Cuius Anima gementem
      02:06   O quam tristis ed afflicta
      02:08   Quae morebat et dolebat
      02:48   Quis est homo
      03:26   Vidit suum dulcem natum
      01:59   Eja Mater fons amoris
      02:11   Fac ut ardeat cor meum
      05:33   Sancta Mater istud agat
      03:59   Fac ut portem Christi mortem
      02:08   Inflammatus et accensus

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